The world is your oyster?


What’s that stat? “The average American changes careers seven times in his or her lifetime,” or something? (Apparently there are some nuances, however.)

For the past five years, I’ve bounced around from idea to idea, pursuing the “right” career that combines personal interests, is financially sustainable, and aligns well with my own skills. Out of curiosity, I listed out all of the jobs/internships I’ve had since graduating from college and jotted down what I found appealing about them. The tally came out to 13 different positions. (Caveat: I wanted to include anything that could fall under “professional experience,” which also meant part-time or freelance/contracted positions.)

photo (3)My LinkedIn profile is a mess, I have about 10 different versions of my resume, and my poor Asian tiger mom has given up on trying to figure me out.

“The world is your oyster” is an idiom I casually throw out to others because I like the idea of having a lot of freedom and options and the sense of agency implied. But my current lack of “career goals” and dedicated direction feels pretty unsettling. Can I have an oyster in a nice, safe, controlled environment, like a fish tank or something…?

For now, I work at ASICS a few days a week, help develop original content about the e-commerce industry for a friend’s start-up (Informerly), and am revisiting a few long-form story ideas from journalism school to hopefully pitch/self-publish at some point.

*Insert pithy and useful takeaway*


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