What’s in a tweet?


The consulting company I occasionally do work for joined Twitter a few months ago (in part through the gentle nudging of yours truly). It’s a government-focused company, and a significant portion of the work is in the defense and aerospace industry. Which conjures up images of retired Air Force officers and government contractors rather than social-media savvy tweeters.

Out of curiosity, I went back to the original email to one of the firm’s partners that I believe spurred on the decision to jump on the Twitter bandwagon:

Also, as a separate and kind of random note, do you know if there is any thought on Avascent getting on Twitter? … Hard to say how effective it would be for actually creating business (in a measurable way), but maybe doesn’t hurt for branding purposes? (McKinsey and Booz are on it… Teal Group, apparently, is not.)

I wouldn’t consider myself a Twitter “power user,” and I don’t have a massive following; but it is a significant part of my professional life and something that is pretty habitual.

The fact that no one in my family and very few of my close friends use it doesn’t really faze me — to a lot of them, Twitter is seen as a place to find out what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast.

But somehow, the thought of running a business and not being on Twitter didn’t sit right — even for retired Air Force officers and defense research analysts.

In any case, it got me thinking about Twitter’s diverse range of uses, which, when you’re in it, seem prima facie. But it’s interesting to consider the value proposition of Twitter across different industries and user groups — which aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive!

Twitter Value Prop slide


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