Opening Day and Busting Brackets


Since it’s Spring Break, I took a mental break from various “real world” things this week. Which apparently means geeking out on “sports-are-metaphors-for-life!!!” analogies.

Two of my favorite parts of baseball season: The first day of Spring Training and Opening Day (which kicks off on Sunday). Because those times are the ones filled with so much excitement, wonder and curious potential. Kind of corny, but I can’t help but feel a little giddy from tweets like these:

And from a dated but still relevant blog post that caught my eye, “Innovators are Bracket Busters“:

Innovators, in their way, are bracket busters. While incremental improvements can be accomplished by working within current brackets and seeds, the biggest opportunities to create value come from transformational change, the kind of change that requires bracket busting. Solutions for the big social system challenges we face, including education, health care, energy, and entrepreneurship, require more than incremental change. The solutions we need require transformative bracket-busting business models and systems.

Don’t be constrained by brackets created by someone else. Create your own dance. Be the top seed in your own bracket. Be an innovator. Be a bracket buster.

Play ball.


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