On the process of organic growth


I don’t mind doing targeted marketing and outreach, but I’m a bigger fan of the organic growth process. A few entertaining experiences from casually talking about my project this past week:

I accompanied a friend to a post-art show dinner, and the project came up in conversation with an adjunct art professor at CUNY. At first he said he wasn’t a big sports fan but eventually started remembering moments from his childhood as a Giants fan. (This, by the way, is part of the reason I love sports journalism — sports bring out emotion (both good and bad) in such a unique way in people.) I had similar conversations with others, and it was a good experience to talk about the site among a non-sports/journalism crowd.

An email chain started to get try to get others to join a March Madness pool at my company. Some people didn’t want to join because they hadn’t been keeping up with college basketball. I interjected that March Madness is for even the under-informed (and referenced a relevant post on the site). Taking some smack for a suggested pick in the post was a small price to pay for the new newsletter subscriber (and added visibility) I got out of it.

I think my favorite was my sister’s response in an email when I asked her to read through something: “And of course I’ll help read through! …even though I am very excited for you, I’m glad you couldn’t see my face fall when I read ‘It’ll be on baseball.’ Sigh.” (For context, my sister is not a sports fan and begrudgingly entertained my fascination with baseball growing up.)

I don’t exactly have a clear conclusion, but I enjoyed these conversations and while playing around in PowerPoint (aka procrastinating other work) came up with this 2×2:



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